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Nancy Plum is a published author, radio announcer and enterprising businesswoman. Her deep experience in the broadcasting and film industry lends a creative edge to her marketing skills as well as her on air personality. Besides heading up her own network business, she hosts several
daily radio shows and is currently a partner promoting a brand new athleisure clothing company formerly launching in 2021.

Nancy’s radio career of over 50 years is detailed in her 2019 book, “Do Not Air: Radio Stories and Other Stuff” which is currently available on Amazon. A second book is on the way! She has entertained listeners up and down the dial on various Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta radio stations and also worldwide on the Westwood One Radio Network for many years. Nancy also was the voice on United Airlines music channel “Sound Scene” for many years. Her love of flying made her a natural for the job of airborne reporter for KFWB News 980 in L.A. for almost a dozen years. She delivered reports on brushfires, car chases, traffic tie-ups and other news worthy stories. For these reports she was awarded the Golden Mic award from the Southern California Radio and Television News Association in 2000.

Nancy continues to host daily radio shows from studios at CapCity Communications in Frankfort, Kentucky. You can hear her “Live” daily on Passport Radio from 3 to 7pm and catch her doing the “5 at 5 Jukebox Jams” and the “60’s at 6” there. Additionally she is heard on Big Oly 107.1 in Olean New York and Passport Radio PA in Clearfield, Pennsylvania.

You can listen on the website or mobile app to these stations.

“The parade only moves in a forward direction”

is Nancy Plum’s motto!

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